Women and Children

Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare - Women and ChildrenPrairie Ridge offers a comprehensive program designed to specifically address the needs of women with substance use concerns. The program is designed to benefit women and their children. Prairie Ridge recognizes that substance use disorders can complicate and exacerbate other problems such as family problems, lack of economic self-sufficiency, physical and sexual abused, domestic violence, and the challenges in caring for children. Addressing these issues can help women recover and prevent relapse. The goals for the Women and Children’s Program is to interrupt the process of addiction, reduce barrier to treatment, re-establish healthy family relationships, improve physical health, understand nutrition, and learn to use community resources to benefit the family.

Women’s Retreat

Prairie Ridge Women’s Retreat is a residential facility specializing in gender-specific, trauma-informed substance use treatment. Prairie Ridge offers unique, quality programming which focuses on the integration of evidence-based, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy skills work along with relapse prevention. Services at the women’s retreat are individualized and co-occurring focusing on holistic care for each person. The environment is community focused on personal accountability and providing positive, nurturing support for each individual where they are at. Women’s services are also trauma-informed and provide specific trauma-based psychoeducation, curriculum, and grounding. The program encourages emotional, mental, and physical growth through incorporating health and wellness, exercise, psychiatric care, and a comfortable environment.


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