RENEW – Restore, Educate, Nurture, Employment, Wellness  Program

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Prairie Ridge’s RENEW program is one of the five mental health block grant- funded programs in the state of Iowa. It is based upon the NAVIGATE treatment model. NAVIGATE is a comprehensive program designed to provide early and effective treatment to individuals who have experienced a first episode of psychosis. It was developed with support from the National Institute of Mental Health’s ‘Recovery After Initial Schizophrenia Episode’ (RAISE) project. The NAVIGATE program helps individuals navigate the road to recovery from an episode of psychosis, including supportive efforts to function well at home, on the job, at school, and in the social world.

Admission Criteria:

Age 15-40
Experience symptoms of first episode, which may include:
Delusions, such as:
feeling excessive fear or suspicion (paranoia)
believing something that is odd, unrealistic, or false, such as having a false belief about being someone else
Hallucinations such as, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, or feeling things that are not present
Disorganized thinking, such as thoughts that jump from one to another that do not make sense to others
Disorganized speech, such as saying things which do not make sense to others
Inappropriate behavior, such as talking to oneself or intruding on unfamiliar people
Loss of contact with reality
Meets criteria or has a diagnosis of:
brief psychosis
psychosis NOS
major depressive disorder with psychotic features.


   Dr. Shea Jorgensen Psychriatry Treatment:

 Eva Gutierrez, MSW, tCADC 641-548-6135 Team Lead/FEP

 Amanda Kobliska    (641) 548-6148 Community Support/Employment Specialist

  Stacy Lewis, LMHC, Individual Resiliency Training

Kelty Norton, PA