Residential Referrals

Referrals from out of the area:

-We require a substance use evaluation that has been completed within the past 30 days to be faxed to us at 641-424-0783 as a referral into our residential program.

-We will review it within 24 hours of receiving it and contact the referring agency to inform them if we are able to accept the referral, when our next soonest available bed date is, and if there are any upfront cost due at time of admission.

Referrals from in the area:

-Attend our walk-in clinic to get an evaluation to see if you meet criteria for residential level of care. Your counselor will call the intake coordinator to schedule your admission date at the time of assessment. You will be informed of any upfront cost due at the time of admission.

*You will be expected to arrive before noon on your admission date to allow plenty of time for the intake process. Admission dates are subject to change due to no-shows and cancellations and our staff will contact you if such change in your admission date occurs.*

Outreach Office Assessments For Adults

These assessments are scheduled by appointment in the following offices: Charles City Office, Forest City Office, Hampton Office, and Algona Office.

Please bring health insurance or Title XIX card, proof of income (paystub or tax return), and list of current medications. A friend or family member may accompany you. Please allow at least 11/2 hours for this process.


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