September 2016 – September 2019

Goal 1:     Continue conversations with area organizations to help mitigate future risks with healthcare reforms.
Goal 2:     Provision of an Integrated Care Model
Goal 3:     Operationalize the new Wellness Center.
Goal 4:     Develop a business plan related to the clinical and business feasibility of providing stand-alone mental                                                                          health services.
Goal 5:     Develop a business plan and architectural review to assess the value of providing crisis stabilization
                   and detox services.
Goal 6:     Develop a comprehensive marketing plan
Goal 7:     Prairie Ridge will maintain long-term financial stability.
GOAL 8:   Will compare performance against, and exceed, key performance measures with nationally accepted
                    standards of quality.
GOAL 9:   Prairie Ridge will enhance access to continuum of care and program services
GOAL 10: Utilize technology to increase efficiencies and enhance agency processes and services

The Prairie Ridge strategic plan is reviewed on an ongoing basis and updated at least annually. Under each of the goals, Prairie Ridge has identified specific tasks and time frames for completion of these tasks. Significant progress has been made on the goals identified above. We would welcome input from our patients and their families, community partners, and staff members regarding the above noted goals, as well as any additional goals for future consideration.