Priority Area: Resources
Goal 1:   Enhance existing resources with an emphasis on improved outcomes.

Objective 1:   Right-size space to the demands of the service area.
Objective 2 :  Recruit and retain quality staff in all departments
Objective 3:  Increase and diversify our funding streams.
Objective 4:  Identify and use state of the art technology.

Priority Area: Relationships
Goal:   Strengthen the community’s perception of Prairie Ridge as a positive resource and leader in the healthcare field.

Objective 1:   Explore potential partnerships with other community programs.
Objective 2 :  Develop a strategy to utilize our marketing resources
Objective 3:  Explore the pros and cons of a Development Director
Objective 4:  Involvement in Community-Based Organizations

Priority Area: Services
Goal:  Pioneer innovative and creative services designed to develop leadership in the lives of all those with whom we interact.

Objective 1:   Robust succession planning for all key positions.
Objective 2:  Increase and improve focus on mental health services.
Objective 3:  Define characteristics of impactful leadership and determine strategies to foster those characteristics in our staff and patients.
Objective 4:  Staff are educated about and providing services through a cohesive and synergistic approach.

The Prairie Ridge strategic plan is reviewed on an ongoing basis and updated at least annually. Under each of the goals, Prairie Ridge has identified specific tasks and time frames for completion of these tasks. Significant progress has been made on the goals identified above. We would welcome input from our patients and their families, community partners, and staff members regarding the above noted goals, as well as any additional goals for future consideration.