Group Descriptions Mens Residential

DBT: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
This is one of our core groups here at Prairie Ridge and what make this such valuable information is that it is all research based. This is a skill-based group, which provides training in the areas of interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. DBT emphasizes the  acceptance of individuals as they are, while encouraging them and teaching them skills/tools that will enable them to make changes in their life. The group is intended for adults who experience suicidal urges, engage in impulsive behaviors that are potentially self-damaging, experience an inadequate and unstable sense of self-image, and/or experience unstable and unsatisfying relationships.

Men’s Matrix Group
This is a class that is focused specifically on issues that affect those in recovery. In this group we will discover topics that may include relationships, shame, boundaries, and building relapse prevention plans and skills. During this group we will also take time to celebrate our sober days because social recognition from our peers is very important!

Trauma Group
Trauma group is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how trauma impacts our lives and gain skills in how to cope with those situations which cause distress. Trauma group is an open space to explore, share, and begin to heal from the experiences we have gone through. We have also arranged for Crisis Intervention Services to come here twice a month to speak and offer support and counseling,

ABT: Adventure Based Therapy
This is an interactive class that combines play with skill building. This group will challenge your ability to handle high stress situations, explore how you react based on your personality color, and problem solve utilizing fun and adventurous activities.

Cinema Therapy
During this time, you will be watching four primary presentations. Two of them include Roadmap to Recovery which focuses on the stages of recovery for individuals and the other is Triggers and Cravings which focuses on the many triggers one gets or may get when trying to avoid use and stay recovery minded. Changing Lanes is another movie we schedule due to it portraying the decisions we make and the aftermath of those choices. You will also get to watch the Unguarded documentary of a man who was a professional athlete who took the road leading to addiction and his journey into a life of recovery.

Mindfulness is one of the main topics of DBT and is used throughout the treatment experience in many other classes besides DBT. It is one of the most important things to practice to bring us back to our wise mind which is a way of thinking about something using logic AND emotion. You will be able to practice mindfulness daily and have four one hour classes on each Monday using progressive muscle relaxation, drawing mandalas, and making glitter calming bottles.

Transition Group
We start this process the very first week you arrive. It is important to start thinking about what you are planning on doing to continue some sort of treatment process when you leave residential treatment and to also start arranging such things as transportation needs, outpatient needs, and housing needs,

Stigma Presentation
This presentation breaks down the differences between discrimination, stereotypes and prejudice through exploration of the personal impact of stigma on the lives of the people we serve,  The interactive process of this presentation will expand your knowledge and how to reduce stigma.

Rising Strong
This group involves learning about how not to regret that we have regrets, reading about vulnerability, answering questions about how addiction has affected you in many categories in your life, and writing a new ending to how your story is going to end. It involves getting uncomfortable enough to  explore new ways to cope and to find new understanding about where we have the ability to change,

Some other educational classes/groups/speakers we offer are:
Spark-The Importance of Exercise
Essential Oils
12 Step Introduction
Gambling Presentation
Music Therapy
Self- Soothing
Refusal Skits
Vision Boards
Personal Stories from outside speakers