Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Program is designed to be used with children grades kindergarten through fourth grade. The curriculum is based off of the Nurtured Heart Approach, which was originally created to aid in the teaching and taking care of children with high intensity and/or behavior disorders. However, this approach can be used with any individual regardless of their age. The Nurtured Heart approach uses social emotional strategies to enhance positive decision making skills by aiding individuals in revealing their inner character and virtues. By using this curriculum within the schools, the goal is to have not only the children in the early intervention classes benefit, but also their peers as the children learn this approach and take it back into the classroom where they then serve as role models for others. Thus far, the transformation seen in children by using this approach has been astounding. Early Intervention provides the skills for children to grow and continue down the road of success by channeling their own Greatnesses.


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