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We offer two different OWI classes through the Prairie Ridge Intoxicated Driver Education (PRIDE), a 12-Hour Prime For Life OWI Program and PRIDE the weekend jail/OWI Program.

How do I know which PRI class I must attend?

Please note – all individuals must attend at least a 12 hour education program in order to be eligible for license reinstatement.

You need the 12 hour class if:

  • You have had one (1) or more OWI .
  • You have already served your court ordered jail time.

NOTE: The deadline to register is by 5PM the day of the schedule class.

PRI 2017 Registration Sheet

You may be eligible for the weekend jail program if:
i.e. 20 hours of education coupled with 48 hours of lockdown.

  • This is your first offense OWI .
  • You have NOT served your minimum 48 hours jail time.by
  • A judge has approved, in a court order, that you can attend this program in lieu of jail time.

NOTE: Registration MUST be completed by 5:00PM on the previous Friday (one week prior to the start of the class)!

PRIDE Registration Packet

PRIDE Brochure

Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare - OWI Services
Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Healthcare - OWI Services

NOTE: This list is not inclusive. If you have further questions, about what program you can attend, please contact your attorney and/or refer to your court order.

The PRIDE weekend location is at the Holiday Inn Express in Mason City, IA. The state mandated cost of the 12 hour PRIME for Life class is $115.  The PRIDE weekend is $400 for double occupancy rooms and $500 for single occupancy rooms.

Weekend Jail/OWI Program

The Prairie Ridge Weekend Jail/OWI Program is a program designed to fulfill both the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) education requirements and the court-mandated jail time for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) offenses.

In order to attend this program, participants must have had their OWI substance abuse evaluation and be court ordered by a judge.

As a participant, you will receive the PRIME For Life education required by the State of Iowa in order to be eligible to reapply for your driver’s license.

This program begins on Friday with sign-in at 5:00 p.m. Participants will receive four(4) hours of PRIME for Life education on Friday, eight(8) hours on Saturday and eight(8) hours on Sunday. The program will end promptly at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.

The Following are 2017 Dates

6th & 7th *
20th & 21st
5th & 6th *
19th & 20th
8th & 9th *
22nd & 23rd
3rd & 4th *
17th & 18th
2nd & 3rd *
16th & 17th
6th & 7th *
20th & 21st
3th & 4th *
17th & 18th
7th & 8th *
3th & 4th *
17th & 18th
7th & 8th *
21st & 22nd
4th & 5th *
18th & 19th
1st & 2nd *
8th & 9th
All classes with an * are located at the Holiday Inn Express in Mason City. Classes fill up fast and space is limited. Please contact Prairie Ridge as early as possible to hold your seat.


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