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Medication Management

Prairie Ridge provides assessments and ongoing medication management services with both onsite and telehealth providers.

The telehealth process occurs via a Telehealth system (Video/Audio System in private rooms) set up to provide quicker access to needed appointments.  Patients have access to psychiatrists, Psychiatric ARNPs and internists to meet their medication needs.

In addition to pharmacotherapy services for treatment of symptoms related to mental health conditions, Prairie Ridge provides access to medication assisted treatment for addiction, including Suboxone, Vivitrol, Naltrexone and Campral.  With support from an internist, we are able to provide medical support for individuals in need of assistance with outpatient, or ambulatory, detox.  Patients in need of medical detox are given a referral to our local hospital.

Individuals may schedule an appointment for medication services by calling 641-243-7260 during regular business hours.


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